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Coatings Manufacturer Challenge

Just over 17 years ago Scottish Power issued a challenge to the protective coatings industry there.  Electricity assets were literally rotting in the air as they were subject to very moist and aggressive weather conditions.  Their coating program was hampered by constant bad weather reducing coating activities to only three months of the year.

Their brief was simple:

  • Provide a coating solution that allowed the coating program to continue for most of the year.
  • It must be able to be used in the rain.
  • One coat application.
  • Must offer long-lasting protection and quality.

Chemco took the challenge and after 6 years of Research and Development RL 500PF was introduced to the utility.

The product has been proving itself in the market place for over 13 years now and Chemco RL 500PF has since covered over 1 million² meters of transmission towers.

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